Opening Dictionaries

To view the list of dictionaries opened in Jardic Pro or to add new dictionary click toolbar button or select Dictionary → Dictionaries... menu command.

Dialog box with the list of dictionaries will appear. The list contains dictionary names and On/Off boxes.

On/Off Boxes
Checked state means that the dictionary is active, i.e. the dictionary is used for word searches. Unchecked state means that the dictionary is temporarily turned off. You can change the state of On/Off boxes by clicking on them, by double-clicking the line or by clicking button.

Button to add a dictionary
When clicking this button File Open dialog is appeared to select a dictionary. If the format of selected dictionary differs from Jardic Pro internal format, the program proposes to convert the dictionary.

Button to delete a dictionary from the list
When clicking this button current dictionary line is removed from the list. The dictionary file will not be deleted from the file system.

Button to show dictionary properties
When clicking this button Dictionary Properties window is appeared.

Buttons to change dictionary order
When clicking these buttons current dictionary line is moved 1 position up or down. Dictionary order affects the order in which the same word from different dictionaries appears in word lists.

When clicking OK button the dialog is closed. Jardic Pro will use dictionary list as it was at the moment of closure.