Import of Dictionaries

If a dictionary opened by Jardic Pro contains data not in Jardic Pro format, then the program proposes to convert the dictionary. New dictionary will be created during conversion based on the data of original dictionary. Original dictionary remains untouched. Types of dictionaries that can be converted into Jardic Pro format are listed in separate chapter.

The dialog box for dictionary conversion contains following controls.

Original Dictionary File Name
Original dictionary file that contains data for creating new dictionary in Jardic Pro format. This dictionary remains untouched.

Converted Dictionary File Name
New dictionary in Jardic Pro format that will be created during conversion. By default it will have the same name as original dictionary file with extension changed to .jdd. Jardic Pro dictionary file names should have .jdd extension. The file can reside in any folder and on any hard disk drive. The size of converted file usually greater then the size of the source file (about 3 times), and you should check whether selected hard disk contains enough space for new dictionary.

Progress Indicator
The time required for conversion depends on dictionary size and CPU speed. For example conversion of a dictionary with 1,000,000 records can take few minutes. Progress indicator shows what part of conversion has been done up to this moment.

Click this button to start the conversion. The program checks available space on the disk and ensures that there is no a file with such name. Then the conversion begins. Conversion duration depends on dictionary size and CPU speed.

Click this button if you don't want to convert the dictionary. If conversion was not started, the dialog box shown above will be closed. If the conversion was already started, the program shows a request to confirm interruption and then stops the conversion.

If the conversion of a dictionary failed for some reason (e.g. if there is not enough space on a hard disk), the program deletes new partially created file. However we recommend to ensure that new partially written file does not remain on a hard disk and to delete it if it remains.