List of Japanese Readings

To view the list of Japanese readings click Kana tab or click List → Kana menu command.

This list is ordered by readings of Japanese words written in kana and by on's and kun's of kanji. Kun's are written in hiragana and on's in katakana.

The list consists of four columns: 1) dictionary mark, 2) reading of the word written in kana, 3) the word written in kanji, 4) a text of the article.

The list does not reference articles that does not contain readings of Japanese words.

To search for a word type the word using kana characters, or type a word reading using Latin characters (romaji), Russian characters, or kana.

Depending on program settings the readings can be shown in kana or in transliteration. To set kana transliteration mode select menu command Options → Transliteration….