Instant Search

To perform Instant Search of articles select tab or click List → Instant Search menu command.

If you enter a word in the entry field, the program will display a list of articles that contain this word. If you enter two or more words, the program will display a list of articles that contain all the entered words.

Instant search is not sensitive to letter case and diacritic marks. If entered word begins with small leter, the program will display articles where this word begins with capital letter etc. If the dictionary contains Chinese word articles, you can search for pinyin spelling by typing it without diacritic marks.

A sequence of digits treated by the program like a separate word. For example, if you enter "1961", the program will display articles that contain separate "1961" number, sequence of numbers like "1961.04.12" and so on.

A sequence of Chinese characters, or kana characters is not considered a word. When entering two ore more Chinese or kana characters the program will search for articles that contain all entered characters, but articles that contain characters in the order in what they were entered will have higher priority and will be placed at the top of the list.

The program performs the search instantly after entering every character of a word. Content of search result list changes during word entry.

You can view separate ordered list of all words and Chinese and Japanese characters contained in all dictionary articles.

Search result list is ordered according to automatically calculated priorities of found articles.

The list contains three columns: 1) reading, 2) a word written with kanji characters, 3) article text.

List size is limited to 1,000 entries.