List of Translated Words

This list appears when you press Translation tab , or click List → Words from Translation menu command. The list appears automatically, when Word translation mode is turned on (button is pressed), and the cursor is over Japanese text.

Jardic Pro fills the list of translated words when:

The list consists of five columns: 1) expansion box, 2) dictionary mark, 3) the word written in kanji or a separate kanji, 4) reading of the word, 5) text of the article.

When building the list, Jardic Pro searches for dictionary articles for all the words and kanji from the text. Then it sorts words and kanji so that longest words are listed first. Initially short words and kanji are hidden. To see them press [+] expansion mark.

Jardic Pro searches for translations of Japanese words using direct comparison of words and using known grammatical forms of verbs, adjectives etc.