Jardic Pro can print dictionary articles or save articles in an RTF file for further processing. Here the word "printing" means both printing on a printer as well as saving results in an RTF file.

Jardic Pro prints articles that were selected in the current list of words. Usually there is only one selected item in the list. To select additional articles you can click on list items holding Ctrl or Shift key. You can select all the articles from the list by clicking "Select All" menu item. A menu can be activated by right-clicking in the list window.

To begin printing press button or select "Print..." menu command.

The dialog box will appear that contains following controls.

Number of articles to print

Number of articles that will be printed or saved in an RTF file. Usually this number is equal to the number of items selected in the current list. But for some types of lists that contains entries pointing to the same article (e.g. the list of Russian words) this number can be less then a number of selected articles.

Send to printer

If this button is pressed, the output will be send to printer.

Save in a file

If this button is pressed, the output will be saved in an RTF file. You can process RTF file later with Microsoft Word or with other software that can handle RTF files.


The name of an RTF file that will contain formatted articles. This field becomes enabled for editing after pressing "Save in a file" radio button. Initially file name is filled with automatically created name. The button "<<" can be used to select a folder for the file.

Open the file after creation

If this box is checked, Jardic Pro will create RTF file and open it with a program assigned for RTF file processing on the computer. If Microsoft Office is installed on the current computer, then the file will be opened with Microsoft Word.


Printed articles will be formatted like in paper dictionaries: one paragraph for one article.


Printed articles will be in a multi-line format like in Jardic Pro article window.

Colored text

If this box is checked, kanji and word readings will have a color like in Jardic Pro article window. If this box is not checked, the text will be black and white.

Add blank lines

Number of empty lines to separate articles.

Font size

Font size for article body text.


Number of text columns on a page.

Begin articles with kanji word

Usually Japanese dictionary articles begin with a word reading (written with kana or romaji). If this box is checked, printed articles will begin with kanji followed by reading.

Transliteration instead of kana

If this box is checked, readings of Japanese words will be written with romaji but not with kana.


After pressing this button Jardic Pro will start to format dictionary articles and send them to a printer or to a file. If a printer is selected as a destination, then intermediate printer selection dialog will appear.


Pressing this button will close the dialog box.