Language of Menus and Dialogs

If your computer has regional settings for Russia, the language of menus and dialog boxes will be Russian. If your computer has Japanese regional settings, it will be Japanese language. In other cases the language will be English. A language of Help documents is switched accordingly.

To change interface language use Dictionary menu commands shown below.

Text of menus and dialog boxes will be displayed correctly if the selected language is supported by you localized version of Windows. For example, English version does not support menus in Japanese by default. If you occasionally switched to unsupported language, and menus and dialog messages contain "garbage", you can switch back to supported language using commands shown above. In any case shown menu items will be displayed correctly. Help system does not depend on Windows localization. Jardic Pro is supported with 3 help files on different languages:

You can open help files by double-clicking them in Windows Explorer. You should have Japanese fonts installed on you computer to read Help file in Japanese.